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24 October 1975 Hogsmeade 1pm *loitering outside the Three… - no roller skating in the corridors [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
nine sickles

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[Oct. 15th, 2005|11:03 pm]
nine sickles


24 October 1975

*loitering outside the Three Broomsticks, Rodolphus is bored. He's expected Bellatrix for nearly half an hour now, and he's getting restless. He checks his pocket watch for the fourth time in ten minutes, putting it back in his pocket and extracting his cigarette case.*

*he lights up and leans against a lamp-post, bending a knee to brace his foot against it, letting his head rest against it, blowing smoke up into the sky and squinting at a bird.*

*his head turns slightly as the door to the pub opens and a gaggle of chattering girls exits. he doesn't really scrutinize to see if Bella is among them; he knows she'll see him when she passes, and isn't bothering to watch for her.*

[User Picture]From: pur_noir
2005-10-08 05:00 pm (UTC)
*Bella leans against the wall of the tavern, just out of Rodolphus' line of sight. She's just watching Rodolphus, has been watching for a while, studying this man who will soon be her brother-in-law. He's sophisticated where Rab is roguish, a subtle opposite in so many ways. She catches herself wondering if he's a good a kisser as Rab and pushes that thought away in a hurry. He's engaged. To Andromeda for Merlin's sake.*

*using a clump of passing girls as cover, Bella slips out of her hiding place and saunters up to him*

*she gives him what she hopes is a warm and charming smile. She feels suddenly awkward, meeting him here like this but she can't say why. Maybe it's because she hardly knows him. Maybe it's because the other girls will talk. But maybe... it's because she wonders what Rab will think when he finds out.*

Sorry to keep you waiting. It took forever to get rid of some of the girls.
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[User Picture]From: rodolorous
2005-10-12 08:45 pm (UTC)
*sees her coming and pushes off of the post with his foot, taking a last drag of the half-smoked cigarette and pressing it into the dirt with his toe before coming toward her, a friendly smile answering her own.*

It's alright. Rather have you alone and late than punctual with a flock of attendees.

*grins, nodding up the street to indicate they should walk in that direction. it's odd, seeing the similarities to Andromeda in her looks, but noting the ways the same features look completely different on her face.*

And what does your flock think of you meeting a distinguished Hogwarts alumnus for tea and shopping? Horribly jealous I suppose. I'll have to buy you something shiny to show off to them later.

*he isn't kidding; he's brought along extra money so he can treat her to a trinket or something she fancies. not stupid, he realises having Bellatrix as an ally can only tip the scales in his favour, whatever the contest may be.*
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[User Picture]From: pur_noir
2005-10-15 06:49 pm (UTC)
Something shiny? How much of an airheaded simpleton do you think I am? *gives him a sideways smile* You're going to buy me something quality, Rodolphus. I won't settle for less. *suppresses the girlish giggle that threatenes to bubble up from inside*

*A group of girls pass and Bella sidles just a little closer to Rodolphus, wondering if he'll notice and not really caring if he does*

Ooo, this one. *points to a window display of capes, gloves, slippers and other fine accessories for the discerning witch* This was one of Andi's favorite places to window-shop when she was at Hogwarts.
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[User Picture]From: rodolorous
2005-10-17 06:47 pm (UTC)
*nods and holds the door open for her, repressing the urge to smile indulgently.*

This is like a dance that I didn't know I knew until I tried it.

*watches Bellatrix meander through the shop for a moment before turning away, focusing now on the real task of buying Andromeda the perfect gift. He knows Bella will return if she finds something worthwhile, and so forgets her entirely as he browses the finery, musing to himself.*

What to get for the girl who has everything life could offer....

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[User Picture]From: pur_noir
2005-10-20 04:08 am (UTC)
*saunters over to the counter and pretends to try on assorted baubles. Really, she's just using the large mirror on the counter to watch Rodolphus saunter around the shop and look perplexed by the frippery on display.*

Well, *she muses* at least I was kind enough to bring him to Andi's favorite store. Otherwise he would have been lost. *smiles absently at the reflection of his back in the mirror.* Sweet boy, anyway. Boy? Man, really. Hmm...
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[User Picture]From: rodolorous
2005-10-20 06:08 pm (UTC)
*browses through the clothing idly, not really seeing anything that strikes his fancy.*

Bugger shopping. Why can't I just materialise her heart's desire in a box in front of her?

*then finally at the end of the row he sees an outer-robe in a deep blue that catches his eye. made of soft, finely woven wool, with rich violet satin lining, it's embroidered at the throat and cuffs with silver darts that look like stars. upon closer inspection it's as fine as it seems from afar, beautiful and graceful as well as functional, and Rodolphus takes it off the rack confidently.*

*goes up to Bellatrix, a satisfied look on his face, holding it up for her to inspect.*

What do you think?
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[User Picture]From: pur_noir
2005-10-20 09:17 pm (UTC)
*examines his choice critically, checking the cut of the sleeves and the swing of the fabric*

Well. It's not exactly the straight out of the Balenciaga Witch fall line, but I think it'll do.

*looks up at him shrewdly* So do you approach everything in life with such casual disdain, or do you reserve that for shopping?
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[User Picture]From: rodolorous
2005-10-20 10:49 pm (UTC)
*startled into a laugh, takes the moment of handing the robe to the shop clerk to think. not missing a beat, he turns back to her, an amused smile touching his lips.*

Bella, I have very little reserve at all, much less the kind that would allow me to treat shopping as anything but part of my day. While it's hardly fun to go poking through ladies' dress robes, I look forward to giving Andromeda something she'll like, which is more important than the boredom.

*the shop clerk doesn't need to ask his name, only asks if he ought to send the bill home, to which Rodolphus nods briefly, not turning his eyes from Bella's face.*

Though, if you're asking if I never get excited about anything, the answer is of course, no. I am human, you know.
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[User Picture]From: pur_noir
2005-10-21 12:14 am (UTC)
Oh, so that thing about the troll blood was just a rumour then? *smirks*

I don't know what Andi sees in him. He's well-mannered and kind enough but about as interesting as a fence post. Well, he's handsome. I suppose that doesn't hurt.

What does excite you then? What penetrates your disaffected mien, hmm? *arches an eyebrow at him*
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[User Picture]From: rodolorous
2005-10-21 03:51 pm (UTC)
*arches an eyebrow as he takes the bag from the clerk*

Besides your sister, you mean?

*realises a second too late how full of innuendo that sounds, and backpedals, hoping she won't comment if he puts her on the defense*

I mean, we're hardly as excitable as, say, you and my brother. *a knowledgeable smirk* But I'm always excited to see her, to spend time with her. Spain was incredible- I think I've still got some of my tan.

*sticks out a forearm, tugging the sleeve back so she can see he does, in fact, still have a little colour*
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[User Picture]From: pur_noir
2005-10-22 12:20 am (UTC)
Lucky you. Not only did I not get to go to Spain with my apparently Very Exciting sister, I practically combust like a poorly made potion when exposed to sunlight.

*She can't pinpoint the source of her sudden bitterness but she expects it has something to do with both Rodolphus' mention of Rab and the display of one toned, tanned forearm.*

Great Merlin, I am the stupidest bint on two legs.

*turns towards the door, taking the opportunity to gather a slow, steadying breath*

Tell you what. You buy me lunch and we'll call this litte excursion a success. Fair? *turns and arches an eyebrow at him*
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