23 October, 1975
Vanish and Bergemot, London
7 PM

*Long and tedious as always, Lucius' trudge through another meddlesome, boring day at the Ministry of Magic had proved less a good use of his time than usual. He thought with a sneer of the better things he could have spent his day busying himself with-- such pleasurable activities as grooming and plotting the demise of the renegade House Elves that seemed to have overtaken Malfoy Manor and done considerable damage to his collection of silk trouser socks. He had vowed, that very morning, that when he became Master of the Manor, he would run a much tighter establishment than did his own father. He had no approval for House Elves taking liberties.*

*He sat, legs crossed, at a small table at the front window of Vanish and Bergemot, sipping an expensive (but not expensive enough) carafe of red wine and hoping that something more intersting than his wine and the lingering annoyance at his House Elves would come his way.*
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17 September 1975
Slytherin Common Room

*having decided to skive off herbology for the afternoon, Marisa's gotten comfortable in a chair and is tucking into a book she's been wanting to spend some time reading for ages. she's fervently hoping not to be disturbed.*

*sips a mug of tea, briefly considering going up to the dorm to put on more comfortable clothes, but if someone does come along she doesn't want to be made fun of for looking more dishevelled than usual. it's raining, and she's glad to be inside instead of trekking out to the greenhouses like everyone else.*

*the door opens and she doesn't look up, hoping whoever it is will decide talking to her isn't high on their list of priorities.*

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12 October 1975
passed to Gwenog Jones in Herbology

Oi Jones---

How's that scavenger thing coming? It's bollocks, at least for me, where the deuce are we supposed to find those star tokens, or things with our names put on? Want to collaborate?

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08 October 1975
10:15 am

*James sauntered down the fifth floor Charms wing, wondering idly who it was he was going to be meeting here, and chuckling inwardly that for once loitering about on his own wasn't a sign of trouble about to be made.*

Sometimes I wonder if Dumbledore creates these things just so blokes like Sirius and me don't get bored.

*smirking, he checked his robe pocket again for the ball of string and the dusty old book he'd found in the library, a label with his name on it Spellotaped to the spine. How the two were going to combine to get him another one of those gold star tokens is beyond him, but he's open to the possibility that he doesn't know everything.*

*wondering again who he's meeting, he realises he's got the Map in his pocket still, and shifts his bag to his other shoulder, eagerly digging it out.*

*a groan escapes him as he reads who's rounding the next corner toward him, but he wipes the map and barely has time to stuff it back in his pocket before he's face to face with his partner of the moment.*

*a little sourly* Well. Good morning.
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13 September 1975
Potions Classroom

The awkward thing, mused Lily Evans, about having a partner is having to work with that partner.

Or not work, as the case happened to be. There had certainly been method to the madness of being partnered with Sirius Black; Slughorn seemed to think that Lily's own stellar record would drag Black's marks up. Lily was still baffled that Sirius had managed an OWL score good enough to be in NEWT-level Potions, and could only imagine that he'd charmed the presiding witch with a roguish grin and sleight-of-hand.

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24 October 1975

*loitering outside the Three Broomsticks, Rodolphus is bored. He's expected Bellatrix for nearly half an hour now, and he's getting restless. He checks his pocket watch for the fourth time in ten minutes, putting it back in his pocket and extracting his cigarette case.*

*he lights up and leans against a lamp-post, bending a knee to brace his foot against it, letting his head rest against it, blowing smoke up into the sky and squinting at a bird.*

*his head turns slightly as the door to the pub opens and a gaggle of chattering girls exits. he doesn't really scrutinize to see if Bella is among them; he knows she'll see him when she passes, and isn't bothering to watch for her.*


04 October 1975
115b Bodge Way

*Fabian Prewett takes a quick survey of the small kitchen table--filthy. he shrugs, piles the dishes up, and sets them on the floor. then he sweeps the crumbs off the table with a sleeve-covered arm and sits in the only chair not covered with jackets. across the table, Gideon watches this all with a dispassionate eye, and only leans forward slightly when Fabian spreads a newspaper out across the table*

It's time, Gid. We've got the Flat, now we need the Glamourous Jobs.

*he flips past the group of elderly witches waving on the society page to land on the classifieds. he gazes at them for a moment, then looks up expectantly at his twin*
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3 September
Transfiguration Classroom
9:00 am

*James and Sirius are the first to walk into McGonagall's classroom the morning of their first NEWT level Transfiguration class, grinning like fools and eyeing their Head of House as if they've already been caught acting up.*

Morning Professor!

*he calls out cheerily, heading toward the row of desks by the window. He's been up since 7:30 and his mate, he knows, has been up since before that.*

*Sirius had been thinking up interesting ways to wake Remus up all summer, and this morning their dear Moony was the victim of a charmed Snitch that darted into his bed and began singing the score of the HMS Pinafore in perfect operatic baritone. Remus managed to sleep through 'My Gallant Crew, Good Morning' and 'I Am The Monarch Of The Sea' all the way to 'O Joy, O Rapture Unforeseen', at which point he batted it away with a pillow and got up. It followed him into the shower, which is where James and Sirius had left him.*

*murmurs to Sirius* Wonder if Moony's forgiven us yet.

*he looks up as most of the rest of the class start to file in. they're mostly who he expected: Vance, Bones, the Wilkeses, Dearborn, Hooch, Sinistra- and there, finally, end of the line. Moony. waves his friend to the seat they saved him, takes out his quill- and only just then wonders where Lily is.*

*straightens in his chair and pokes Remus in the back with his quill* Oi Remus, where's Lily?


01 September 1975
somewhere aboard the Hogwarts Express

*Narcissa is holding court in a compartment with a handful of Slytherin girls coyly neglecting to dish details about her summer adventure with Lucius. She pauses the game only briefly to sneer at someone completely unacceptable walking past her compartment trying to listen to the conversation.*
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01 September 1975
somewhere aboard the Hogwarts Express

*She pushes open the door of the compartment. save for her things, it's blissfully empty. after the chaos of patrolling the corridors, it's a welcome silence, and she throws herself gracelessly across one of the cushioned seats. after a moment, it occurs to Lily Evans that someone might notice her in here, and she gets up to snap the sign down off the door. she surveys it lazily, sitting back down. nice bit of work--looks official and everything: Restricted to Authorized Personnel. it's probably illegal, to have just stuck it up there, but she learned too well last year that finding a compartment after fulfilling her Prefect duties was impossible.*

All right, swot, *she smiles at the term most would be offended by* Let's look over some of these new books.

*she's settled pretty well into her Potions text--fascinating stuff!--when the compartment door opens*