Lily Evans (disarmingcharm) wrote in ninesickles,
Lily Evans

01 September 1975
somewhere aboard the Hogwarts Express

*She pushes open the door of the compartment. save for her things, it's blissfully empty. after the chaos of patrolling the corridors, it's a welcome silence, and she throws herself gracelessly across one of the cushioned seats. after a moment, it occurs to Lily Evans that someone might notice her in here, and she gets up to snap the sign down off the door. she surveys it lazily, sitting back down. nice bit of work--looks official and everything: Restricted to Authorized Personnel. it's probably illegal, to have just stuck it up there, but she learned too well last year that finding a compartment after fulfilling her Prefect duties was impossible.*

All right, swot, *she smiles at the term most would be offended by* Let's look over some of these new books.

*she's settled pretty well into her Potions text--fascinating stuff!--when the compartment door opens*
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