James Potter (pronged) wrote in ninesickles,
James Potter

3 September
Transfiguration Classroom
9:00 am

*James and Sirius are the first to walk into McGonagall's classroom the morning of their first NEWT level Transfiguration class, grinning like fools and eyeing their Head of House as if they've already been caught acting up.*

Morning Professor!

*he calls out cheerily, heading toward the row of desks by the window. He's been up since 7:30 and his mate, he knows, has been up since before that.*

*Sirius had been thinking up interesting ways to wake Remus up all summer, and this morning their dear Moony was the victim of a charmed Snitch that darted into his bed and began singing the score of the HMS Pinafore in perfect operatic baritone. Remus managed to sleep through 'My Gallant Crew, Good Morning' and 'I Am The Monarch Of The Sea' all the way to 'O Joy, O Rapture Unforeseen', at which point he batted it away with a pillow and got up. It followed him into the shower, which is where James and Sirius had left him.*

*murmurs to Sirius* Wonder if Moony's forgiven us yet.

*he looks up as most of the rest of the class start to file in. they're mostly who he expected: Vance, Bones, the Wilkeses, Dearborn, Hooch, Sinistra- and there, finally, end of the line. Moony. waves his friend to the seat they saved him, takes out his quill- and only just then wonders where Lily is.*

*straightens in his chair and pokes Remus in the back with his quill* Oi Remus, where's Lily?
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