Fabian Prewett (ace_of_cards) wrote in ninesickles,
Fabian Prewett


04 October 1975
115b Bodge Way

*Fabian Prewett takes a quick survey of the small kitchen table--filthy. he shrugs, piles the dishes up, and sets them on the floor. then he sweeps the crumbs off the table with a sleeve-covered arm and sits in the only chair not covered with jackets. across the table, Gideon watches this all with a dispassionate eye, and only leans forward slightly when Fabian spreads a newspaper out across the table*

It's time, Gid. We've got the Flat, now we need the Glamourous Jobs.

*he flips past the group of elderly witches waving on the society page to land on the classifieds. he gazes at them for a moment, then looks up expectantly at his twin*
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