James Potter (pronged) wrote in ninesickles,
James Potter


08 October 1975
10:15 am

*James sauntered down the fifth floor Charms wing, wondering idly who it was he was going to be meeting here, and chuckling inwardly that for once loitering about on his own wasn't a sign of trouble about to be made.*

Sometimes I wonder if Dumbledore creates these things just so blokes like Sirius and me don't get bored.

*smirking, he checked his robe pocket again for the ball of string and the dusty old book he'd found in the library, a label with his name on it Spellotaped to the spine. How the two were going to combine to get him another one of those gold star tokens is beyond him, but he's open to the possibility that he doesn't know everything.*

*wondering again who he's meeting, he realises he's got the Map in his pocket still, and shifts his bag to his other shoulder, eagerly digging it out.*

*a groan escapes him as he reads who's rounding the next corner toward him, but he wipes the map and barely has time to stuff it back in his pocket before he's face to face with his partner of the moment.*

*a little sourly* Well. Good morning.
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