Lucius Malfoy (purerthanthou) wrote in ninesickles,
Lucius Malfoy


23 October, 1975
Vanish and Bergemot, London
7 PM

*Long and tedious as always, Lucius' trudge through another meddlesome, boring day at the Ministry of Magic had proved less a good use of his time than usual. He thought with a sneer of the better things he could have spent his day busying himself with-- such pleasurable activities as grooming and plotting the demise of the renegade House Elves that seemed to have overtaken Malfoy Manor and done considerable damage to his collection of silk trouser socks. He had vowed, that very morning, that when he became Master of the Manor, he would run a much tighter establishment than did his own father. He had no approval for House Elves taking liberties.*

*He sat, legs crossed, at a small table at the front window of Vanish and Bergemot, sipping an expensive (but not expensive enough) carafe of red wine and hoping that something more intersting than his wine and the lingering annoyance at his House Elves would come his way.*
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