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no roller skating in the corridors


nine sickles
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n i n e s i c k l e s
a marauder-era roleplaying game


p r e m i s e & f o r m a t

Ever wonder what the Marauders would be like if they weren't the angsty sex gods fandom makes them out to be? Ever wonder what Snape would be like if he didn't take the Dark Mark at age sixteen? What do you think was running through Rita Skeeter's mind when she was just a gossip hound preying on the talk around Hogwarts?

Now's your chance to find out. Nine Sickles is a game where real teenagers run the halls of a prep school that's just like any other in Britain- except for the magic, of course.


Nine Sickles is a roleplay- and journal-based game. Characters can post journal entries, letters, homework, etcetera, in addition to roleplaying. The game also uses visual media when available- if you've got Photoshop skills, all the better, but they're certainly not necessary.

The focus of the game is character interaction, an interesting cast and the ups and downs of life as a sixteen year old. Here you'll find regular and active players, fun and innovative characters, and endless possibilities in terms of creating a history for the world that canon depicts.

Still interested? Read on!

The community is open to both single-person narratives and in-comm roleplays, though the game should be focused more on interaction than narrative. Each character’s personal journal will be used to post letters, journal entries, etc (as stated above) that other characters won’t interact with. The roleplaying in the community will be structured as follows:

The original post made by James:

*looks up from his book as Lily comes down the stairs into the common room, a smile spreading across his face*

Hi Lily! Have you decided whether or not you’ll come to Hogsmeade with me yet?

The comment, left by Lily:

*rolls her eyes and crosses her arms over her chest*

Never in a million years, Potter, we’ve been through this before.

How many times do I have to tell him?

Obviously the posts will have more setup and the comments be more involved, but you get the idea. Actions are in asterisks, spoken words are written normally and thoughts are italicized. Roleplays must be dated at the top of every post, and if the post is long it should go behind a cut. If rated R or higher, a warning must be posted. For more examples, see triumvirate for ideas on style.


a p p l i c a t i o n

Player Information
01. name: if you think we might know you, please choose a pen name that is neither your livejournal username or your email handle.
02. age:
03. past roleplaying experience: provide links where available
04. your thoughts on ocs and canon-ness:

Character Information
01. desired character:
02. if they are an oc, where did you derive their name (it must have been dropped somewhere in the books and be relatively applicable to 1975)?
03. character's house and year:
04. character's background: (if oc, please be extra-descriptive)
05. character's personality:
06. if the person you are playing is characterized in the books, do you feel that you play them with any variations on the book character (this isn't necessarily a bad thing, we're just curious)?
07. character's appearance:
08. strengths/weaknesses: what are your character's best and worst subjects? what does s/he do naturally, what does s/he have to work at, what does s/he enjoy most? this can also include extracurricular activities.
09. sample journal entry (this can be an actual journal entry, a letter to someone, a piece of homework, anything your character would write that would show a bit of their personality and their writing style.):
10. sample rp entry (done in the format above, at least 200 words):
11. where and how do you feel your character will fit into the game?
12. what are your character's aims/desires/driving forces?
13. what are your feelings on the importance of character development & relationship development? are romantic character relationships one of your gaming priorities?
14. avatar for icons, if you've decided:

Login to ninesickles@yahoo.com; the password is zonkos. Send your application to 9s.mods@gmail.com, then watch sinistrata for updates.


n e e d e d c h a r a c t e r s
characters in bold are especially needed.

7 Mafalda Hopkirk + [Q]
7 Alice (Longbottom) [P]
7 Broderick Bode
^ 6 Sirius Black +
5 Bertha Jorkins

7 Dedalus Diggle + [HB]
7 Abbot (female)
^ 7 Ludo Bagman [QC]
6 Xiomara Hooch [Q]
6 Benjy Fenwick +
6/5 Bertram Aubrey ~
5 Otto Bagman

7 Amelia Bones [HG]
7 Marlene McKinnon [Q]+
^ 6 Sibyl Trelawney
6 Caradoc Dearborn [Q]+
5 Edgar Bones [P]+
Heathcote Barbary ~

7 Nott the elder *
7 Evan Rosier*
7 Amycus Carrows
7 Alecto Carrows
^ 6 Gilderoy Lockhart*
^ 6 Severus Snape*+
6 Edward (Ned) Wilkes*
6 Avery*
5 Nott the younger(*?)
5/4 Barty Crouch Jr*

alumnae [former house/prefect/quidditch]
^ [h,q] Dorcas Meadowes +
^ [h] Ted Tonks
^ [g] Frank Longbottom +
[r,p] Dolores Umbridge
[r,p] Gaspard Shingleton ~
[s]Parkinson (*?)

House placement and school year here are suggestions, totally negotiable.
~ see Lexicon for history
+ eventual member of the Order of the Phoenix
* eventual Death Eater
^ character has been played before and may have backstory and/or journal

check the Harry Potter Lexicon for other name-drops; current Hogwarts professors and fathers of current Hogwarts students will also be considered name-drops.


r u l e s / g u i d e l i n e s

are few and simple.

1. You must be at least 16 to participate.
2. You must be online at least once a week to chat or email with other players about plot.
3. The year is 1976, which means your avatar should look like they were a teenager in that year- this means no facial piercings, no tattoos and limited modern clothing. If you're having trouble finding someone, ask the mods.
4. Slash and het relationships are allowed on the game, but they must have realistic and well-developed background.


questions? email slytherchase@yahoo.com for answers.

god!mod : pronged
ass!mod : disarmingcharm